In spring 2015 we sailed onboard RRS James Cook from Antigua to Tenerife (Spain)


In March - April 2016 we've set sail again for a four-week's transatlantic cruise on board¬ Royal Research Ship James Cook to recover all moored instruments and buoys that have collected dust and other data during the past four years.

Although this is the last cruise of the two projects TRAFFIC (NWO-funded) and DUSTTRAFFIC (ERC-funded), we managed to secure shiptime for next year, allowing us to¬ re-deploy some of the instruments for another year of dust- and data collection.

On this blog, we'll keep you updated on our adventures at sea. Please drop us a note (jbstuut-at-nioz.nl)¬ if you have any questions!?


Click on the ship to see her actual position.


 blog by Lydia Sevenster(in Dutch)

blog by Gemma Venhuizen (in Dutch)


We congratulate Nynke de Boer (Groningen) with winning a James-Cook T-shirt. She recognized the glass eel in the blog on the 27 March.

The cattle egret [Dutch: Koereigers] of¬ 2 April and the sea-elephant¬ of 11 April were not recognized.



16 April: So long, and thanks for the fish!!


15 April: Congrats to Wally and Pete!


14 April: Playful dolphins


12 April: Incubations



11 April: Evening program


11 April: Win a t-shirt!; who knows what animal this is, send the answer to jbstuut-at-nioz.nl


10 April: Catch of the day



8 April: Searching for smarties



7 April: Collecting dust and soot particles


6 April: A day's view from the bridge deck....


5 April: Deploying buoy Laura


 April: Trap Preparations


Image credit: Michelle van der Does



1 April: Beautiful skies




30 March: Team work


29 March: Bye bye Michelle!


29 March: Dust ahoy!!




27 March: fishing for small bugs


26 March: Happy reunion of Laura and “her” buoy.




25 March: Drifting traps




24 March: All hands on the bridge!


23 March: First results


22 March: Be safe (part 2)


20 March: More preps



19 March: Leaving Antigua



18 March: Harbour preparations



17 March: RRS James Cook


She's BIG


15 March: Beautiful Antigua


24 February: Be safe!

One size fits all?


All aboard!


All aboard!!


13 February: Dusty laundry

Dusty laundry


27 January: Tetris for grown ups

Tetris for grown ups

Michelle approves what Sander and Barry are doing


22 January: Meet the science team

Happy dusty scientists


Chris teaching us about microbes


19 January: Preparing our equipment

Bob works on the buoy, Steven gives advise....



Barry the Fixer

15 January: Cruise preparations

Stuff in the GEO lab



Stuff in the MTM workshop



We do need all of them Chris!



23 October: A first impression





Below you can see the planned cruise track: