In March 2010 I was offered the chance to sail on the clipper Stad Amsterdam, which was re-sailing the route that Charles Darwin sailed on HMS Beagle, some 150 years ago.

During the trip I provided some background information on my work on desert dust and its multitude of relations with the climate system. To this end I invited the VPRO crew to the Australian outback to get to know my Australian colleagues and the work we are doing there.

Below are some items I contributed to (mostly links to the VPRO-Beagle website, most in Dutch)


After a year the VPRO came back to hear  what we’d learned from the Beagle adventure.


The TV episode dealing with Iron fertilisation


Tjitske Mussche made an interview for Noorderlicht radio
On her website you can find the interview “Stofzuigen op zee”
(or download it here).


A “Scheepsjournaal”: little film about me collecting dust at sea


A blog I wrote on the Australian dust machine


The tweagle on Iron fertilisation


An item that Fleur made on our trip to Lake Corangamite


A blog I wrote on desert dust in climate archives


A blog I wrote on Ocean fertilisation


A blog that Eef wrote on a heated discussion between Russ and me


A blog I wrote on our dusty project in the Australian outback